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Eurosport Intercooled Twin Screw Supercharger System

In May of 1999 we built our first prototype supercharger system. We have long since abandoned our original Rotrex centrifugal supercharger system in favor of the more efficient positive displacement based supercharger system. We eventually selected the Opcon Autorotor Twin Screw and Laminova intercooler cores for our supercharger system and in July of 2005 Eurosport High Performance introduced the worlds first production Twin Screw supercharger system for the 6 cylinder BMW's. Our Twin Screw Supercharger systems is running in various 6cylinder BMW's throughout the US and Canada. With our original prototype vehicle approaching 40,000 miles of significant use from the street to various track and autocross events. So impressed were we with the performance and quality found in Opcon Autorotor and Laminova intercooler cores, we entered into an exclusive North American distribution agreement on the 12th of November, 2003 for aftermarket BMW applications.

The Eurosport Twin Screw Supercharger system is built from only the highest quality components. BMW is the ultimate driving machine and for that reason we spared no expense when it came to the design and selection of system components.

System Highlights

- Custom tuned and recalibrated engine software

- 2.1L Kenne Bell Twin Screw Supercharger (NEW)

- One-Piece Integrated Nose Drive and Crank Case with sightglass and dipstck (NEW)

- Laminova intercooler cores integrated into CAD/CAE supercharger manifold assembly

- Limited edition Eurosport Evo III ultra lightweight all carbon fiber cold air intake system featuring a high capacity ITG intake filter with cleaner/service system and thermotech lined heat sheild which draws intake air from the same height as the stock intake system and through the existing factory air intake passageways e.g. doesn't increase hydralock risk unlike low elevation intake systems that draw air from behind the fog lamp. In addition the included intake system is also fully compatible with all variety of European headlamps & HID systems and does not require removal and relcoation of the stock horn assembly. By design our intake system features an ideal filter location that is both easy to clean and inspect.

- High capacity 86mm (3.5") air mass meter

- Ultra light, weight optimized supercharger nose drive support bracket and belt drive pulley system

- Set of six 36lb/hr fuel injectors

- 255LPH high flow fuel pump with new crimp clamps, new factory nylon fuel hose, fuel pump filter, and custom Eurosport engineered cnc machined aluminum fuel pump mounting system that guarantees proper pump position and filter angle

- Ultra lightweight racing hose for intercooler system featuring fully swept radius aluminum -12 AN fittings in satin silver & black finish

- Constant duty electric coolant pump with factory splice block compatible wiring harness and relay system connection for direct mount of relay and added fuse location within the factory fuse box.

- High capacity intercooler coolant reservoir & front mount intercooler heat exchanger

- All wiring harnesses engineered to factory spec using OEM BMW weather proof connection systems and are built for direct plug connection to existing vehicle wiring (because cheap butt connectors have no place in any BMW)

- Supercharger oil and service kit with special syringe for accurate fluid measuring and dispensing

- OEM crank case ventilator hose

- Detailed installation instructions

- Our 3.0L and 3.2L M3 and 2.8L 328i/ic systems include a special wiring harness that links an additional included coolant level sensor for the intercooler system reservoir into the existing BMW on board active check control system

- All 3 series versions of the Twin Screw System come with European M3 grill cover with mounting hardware. See the complete 3.2L M3 supercharger system depicted below

- Z3 supercharger systems come with a Z3 specific intercooler reservoir and power steering relocation hardware


Currently available Eurosport High Performance Twin Screw Supercharger Systems

Part Description
E36 M3 3.2L Twin Screw System 96-99 E36 M3 3.2L NOW: $8,995 435HP
E36 M3 3.0L Twin Screw System 95 M3 3.0L NOW: $8,995 421HP
E36/7 2.8L Twin Screw System 96-99 328i/ic and Z3 2.8L (M52) NOW: $8,995 401HP
E36/7 3.2L Twin Screw Kit 96-00 MZ3 3.2L (S52) NOW: $8,995 418HP

For the ultra budget concious seeking the unmatched Eurosport quality at an unbeatable price see below.

Further reduce your Eurosport Twin Screw supercharger system price by $130 by opting for a system with our Evo II version partial Carbon Fiber intake system and an additional reduction of $199 by opting to purchase the system without the high flow fuel pump and cnc machined fuel pump adapter system.

Various links to some of the customer feedback regarding our Twin Screw Supercharger system


As installed in a 1997 M3 3.2L

Optional Engine Oil Cooler

If you have previously upgraded your vehicle with the factory European Spec M3 Oil Cooler system or are considering this upgrade, it should be noted that the factory engine oil cooler lines must be modified/replaced in order to allow for proper fit/clearance with the Twin Screw Supercharger system. If you have have already upgraded your engine with the European Spec M3 Oil Cooler system then "Partial Kit" as listed below is all that is required to maintain proper fitment and operation with the Twin Screw Supercharger system. If you are don't have a

Our oil cooler kit utilizes the factory heat exchanger and Euro oil filter housing. We machine an adapter for the Euro oil filter housing to accept AN type fittings on the house routed to the oil cooler. This makes the kit an easy fit and offer reliable performance. Kits include 4 AN fittings, 2 black high pressure hoses, Eurosport machined Euro oil filter housing AN adapter, and an oil cooler AN fitting adapter.

Part Description Price
Full Oil Cooler Kit Everything needed to retrofit the BMW oil cooler kit to your car. Includes Euro oil filter housing and oil cooler. S54 radiator not included. $1194
Partial Kit Does not include Euro oil filter housing and oil cooler. $279
Euro Oil Filter Housing European oil filter housing. Oil cooler capable. $CALL
Oil Heat Exchanger Mounted below S54 radiator. Brackets needed for stock radiator. $CALL
S54 Radiator S54 M Coupe/Roadster 3 core radiator. BMW OE. Fits all E36 & Z3.
Recommended when using the oil cooler kit as it was developed to hold the oil heat exchanger directly underneath via built in tabs and fastener locations.


Prior to installation into Uli's car


Twin Screw Supercharger Clutch/flywheel Packages

Twin Screw Supercharger Suspension Packages


A brief history

In May of 1999 we completed development of a centrifugal based supercharger system. After the test/tuning results yielded less than satisfactory gains we dropped the project in the trash and went back to the drawing board. Unfortunately, we ended up learning the hard way that the centrifugal based supercharger system was in direct conflict with our performance goals/ideaology.....e.g. we wanted big torque throughout the rpm range not just a high rpm/peaky burst as typically felt by adding a centrifugal charger to an already somewhat peaky BMW engine. To view images of our May 1999 aborted centrifugal supercharger project click rotrex5 rotrex6 Project now in trash and looking once again at the forced induction drawing board we were basically left with two remaining options - Turbo or Positive displacement. Based on our now more developed taste gained from our experience we opted for a positive displacement supercharger. We felt that if anything was going to be the opposite of the past experience with centrifugal and would offer super linear torque output it would be the a positive displacement supercharger due to its instant boost characteristics. Instead of slowly building boost as a function of RPM, the positive displacement or "Twin Screw" supercharger reaches full boost immediately after the throttle is depressed. No boost lag and no boost surprises. The power is extremely predictable and controllable. Eventually we got back into the groove of things so to speak and selected the Opcon Autorotor Twin Screw supercharger. We also selected the Laminova brand heat exchanger cores for our intercooling needs. We were so impressed with the performance and quality found in Opcon Autorotor and Laminova intercooler cores, we entered into an exclusive North American distribution agreement on the 12th of November, 2003 for aftermarket BMW applications.

Our prototype Twin Screw supercharger system has been up and running for 35,000+ miles and has endured 3 One Lap of America road rally's along with countless track and autocross events. Everything has been running flawlessly despite the abuse and heat. The finished unit is held to even higher standards than the prototype unit. We believe our kit to be road worthy and provide the worry and hassle free power you are looking for. We did not take any shortcuts when producing our TS system. Each and every part is picked to give the highest reliability, easy installation, and cleanest look possible. If you are looking for more power and a clean, easy to install kit without reliability issues, the EHP Twin Screw supercharger system is a great choice. With instant throttle response and 420hp* and 368ft/lbs* of torque the Eurosport Twin Screw supercharger system is the ultimate engine enhancement for your BMW.

prototype supercharger system photos

dyno graphs and misc videos

As installed in a 1995 M3 3.0L

* Individual results may vary. 361rwhp/304rwtq as tested in an OBD2 3.2L M3.